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Pays/Région : Pologne


  • Femme


  • Lingerie
  • Loungewear / Nightwear
  • Corseterie
  • Lingerie de jour / Bodywear
  • Lingerie sexy
  • Lingerie petite taille
  • Lingerie adolescente
  • Loungewear femme
  • Nuisette / Deshabillé


  • Milieu de gamme

Rilke is a Polish lingerie brand launched in 2011. We produce feminine and comfortable underwear that brings joy into everyday life. Our goal is not only to make beautiful garments, but also offer choices in tune with our customers’ values. That is why we are doing our best ,to become a more sustainable and responsible brand.SustainabilityRilke is a brand with no mass- or overproduction. All our garments are designed and produced locally in Poland, mostly on demand. Thanks to that, we avoid stocking superfluous products that may never be sold.We often buy our fabrics from textile stocks, taking care of what has already been produced and crafting it into beautiful new lingerie.We know we are not perfect, but we are doing our best to become a more sustainable and responsible brand. Except for buying already produced textiles, we also use recycled, upcycled and organically grown materials and collaborate with suppliers that minimize their carbon footprint (eg. Elastane and Polyamide from Roica, Tencel Modal from Lenzig, Organic cotton). We study all the steps of textile production meticulously, to offer you the most secure and sustainable options.Soft touchWe want to bring joy to your everyday life. Both when you want to feel sensual and simply relax. Joy is about cherishing little things in life and liking yourself as you are, isn’t it?ComfortAs women, we do so many things: we have careers, families, responsibilities and dreams. Feeling at ease at all times is our priority. Rilke’s femininity goes hand in hand with functionality and comfort. We know you want to be sexy on your own terms, with nothing to prove to anyone.Rilke PurePure form, simplicity, clean and timeless design. Caring for keeping our planet clean. This is Rilke Pure- our newest collection, designed with special focus on creating the least possible environmental impact during its whole production and use cycle.

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