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Born in 1912 in Caudry (North of France), Louisa Bracq, the youngest of two sisters who comes from a modest family of coalmen, has to take care of her sick mother since her youngest age.

Being very well educated she excels in her studies and finds herself a passion for music, in particular for piano, a precious gift received from her uncle.
As a teenager she falls in love with needlework, very curious and determined she likes to experiment different techniques of embroidery, which is handmade.
Keen on fashion, she elaborates modern outfits in colors unusual at the time, her talent becomes recognized through the years.

A few years later she meets Kléber, her futur husband, together they create an embroidery workshop where Louisa can express herself and propose her creations to the famous names of the french couture.

In 1940, she gives birth to a little girl, Chantal, who inherites of the same passion for embroidery. In her early twenties she becomes the leader of her mother’s workshop.

Chantal has the will to pass on her knowledge to her two sons, Vincent and Jérôme.

In 2007, the two sons decide to create their own fashion house « Louisa Bracq », a tribute to their grandmother.

The brand Louisa Bracq remains faithfull to its heritage by creating designs without forgetting the family « savoir-faire », the embroidery, designed and produced in their own french workshops.

The house proposes high range women collections in a contemporary style, without forgetting the technicity and comfort of the products.

Attentive to her style, Louisa Bracq brings a sophisticated spirit by proposing innovative and luxurious garments.

Always looking towards the future, Louisa Bracq brings a new vision to her collections, her identity and her visual communication.

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